Premium craft cannabis grown naturally in small-batch runs

Wide evolving selection of over 30 strains.

Available in 1g • 3.5g • 7g • 14g • 28g

Handcrafted Pre-rolls

Premium pre-rolls expertly hand crafted with our naturally grown cannabis.

Infused joints created with our extracts and guaranteed to pack a punch.

Multi-pack Fireflies contain 8 .4g pre-rolls


We offer a variety of butane and solventless extracts made from our naturally grown cannabis.

BHO extracts, live resin made from fresh frozen and live rosin.

Handcrafted Blunts

Handcrafted 1.5g blunts made from our premium cannabis with hemp leaf wraps and a spiral tip filter.

Vape Cartridges & Disposable Pens

Root Down is ready to meet all of your vaping needs. Take your choice of either our premium cartridges using cannabis derived terpenes or our convenient Cloud Chaser disposables.